Sunday, November 29, 2015

Kick-off of Windsor's Annual Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Grove!

Windsor volunteerism creates community through the annual Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Grove, this year organized by the Windsor Parks and Recreation Foundation, known as People4Parks. Today, excellent weather greeted the crowd of tree decorators of some 200+ trees on the Windsor Town Green.  Even our Town Councilmembers took part! The annual fundraiser brings people together to celebrate community by gathering around a tree and decorating it in the theme of their choice. Welcome to the holiday season! 

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Town preps for El Niño, shares tips with residents - The Windsor Times: News

Town preps for El Niño, shares tips with residents - The Windsor Times: News

On Dec. 16, the Windsor Town Council will listen to a joint presentation from PG&E and the Windsor Public Works Department regarding preparations for El Niño storms.

Dec. 2nd Council meeting

The agenda for the regular Town Council meeting of Wednesday, December 2nd is now posted on the Town's website at:

At this meeting, the Council will conduct the annual selection of a Mayor and Vice Mayor. In addition, Assemblymember Jim Wood is scheduled to provide an update on State legislation.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Preparing for winter storms - El Nino

In preparation for the predicted turbulent winter storm season, the Town Public Works Department has prepared the following FAQs for our residents:

¨Who do I call when there is a flood or storm drain that is affecting public drains and roads?

Public Works is the department in the Town of Windsor that handles emergency calls relating to public facilities that are plugged or public roads that are inundated.  Please contact 838-1000.  After-hour calls will be automatically routed to the Town’s answering service and will contact the Public Works standby personnel to respond.

¨Who do I call for a tree that has fallen or ready to fall?

For public street trees or trees in a public park, contact Public Works at 838-1000.  Residents are responsible for fallen private trees.  If the tree has fallen onto a public street, contact Public Works. If the caller believes the situation is a public safety hazard, call 9-1-1.

 ¨What if the stormwater enters my private property? Will the Town provide sandbags?

The Town does not provide sand or sandbags to residents.  Residents may contact the following nearby stores to obtain sand and/or sandbags:

Garrett’s Ace Hardware (Windsor) 433-6590, has premade sandbags, empty sandbags and some sand

Home Depot (Windsor) 836-0377, has empty sandbags and no bulk sand in stock

Ramm Rock Supply (SR), 528-6067, has premade sandbags, empty sandbags and bulk sand

SBI Landscaping (Windsor) 431-1617, has empty sandbags and bulk sand

Whitecap Supply (SR), 586-4330, has premade sandbags, empty bags and bulk sand
¨I live in the County but very close to Town limits.  Who should I call for flood issues?

If your property is in the unincorporated area of Sonoma County, please contact Sonoma County Water Agency Operations at 523-1070.

 ¨There is a downed power line in front of my house.  Who should I call?

Call 9-1-1.

 ¨I can’t get out of my driveway because of flooded streets.

Do not attempt to drive through flood waters.  Contact Public Works at 838-1000 and notify them of the flooded street.  If it is life-threatening emergency situation, call 9-1-1.


Town honored with Healthy Company Award

Press Release: The Town of Windsor was recently recognized as one of the "20 Healthiest Companies in the North Bay" by the North Bay Business Journal. The Town’s profile will be featured in a special section of the November 23 edition of the North Bay Business Journal. The Town was also honored at the 2015 Health Care Conference on Friday, November 20, held at the Hyatt Vineyard Creek in Santa Rosa. Mayor Okrepkie accepted the award on behalf of the Town.

The Town Council of Windsor believes that investing in the health of its employees has many benefits and rewards. Workplace wellness not only ensures that employees spend their time at work in a safe and healthy environment, it also creates the foundation for them to lead a healthy lifestyle after hours, and reduces healthcare costs and absenteeism.

Through effective worksite programs, the Town was commended for assisting in reducing health risks and improving the quality of life for its employees by creating a supportive environment for them to make healthier lifestyle changes.

Town Manager Linda Kelly notes that the cornerstone of Town’s Employee Wellness Policy is the Wellness Reimbursement Program, which provides funding to each full-time employee for gym memberships, exercise/fitness classes and programs. Kelly notes, "Many employees attend fitness classes together, participate in walking groups, or take advantage of Town-sponsored wellness challenges." The Town also offers an Employee Assistance Program free of charge that has been utilized by employees and their family members.

Kelly further stated, "we’ve partnered with our unions and employee groups to create what we
believe is an incentive to place a priority on health and wellness. In this way, we are supporting our employees by helping them invest in their total health and overall quality of life."

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Welcome to this new blog!

WELCOME!  I am Linda Kelly and I have the pleasure of serving as the Town Manager of the great Town of Windsor, California. This blog was created to provide yet another means of connecting with our residents through providing up to date information regarding Town issues.

If you have any comments or questions regarding this blog, please feel free to email me at or call me at (707) 838-5313.

Text the Town of Windsor!

The Windsor Times recently covered our new texting service in the article linked below. Anyone may now use our main Town Hall office phone number not only to call us but to text us as well. Try it out!
(707) 838-1000

Saluting our Veterans

The American Legion hosted the Annual Veterans Day Memorial Celebration November 11 at the Sparks Memorial Stage on the Town Green. For protecting all of the freedoms we enjoy every day, remember to thank a veteran for their sacrifice and their service to our country. Vice Mayor Millan attended the event along with a few Town staff members.