Friday, May 5, 2017

Art is Energizing the Community

Never has a theme been more true! On Monday May 1, the Public Art Advisory Commission (PAAC) met to discuss the future of art in Windsor and more specifically, art on the two roundabouts on Old Redwood Highway. On December 21, 2016 the Town Council approved the installation of “Slice,” a sculpture by the late Robert Ellison, for the Roundabout at Windsor Road (Roundabout 2) pending a thorough engineering analysis. At the Monday PAAC meeting, the engineering report showed the concrete to be insufficient for “Slice” and the Commission recommended an alternate location will be found for the sculpture. Keiser Park is currently the top location.  Additionally, the artist agreement for “Offering,” the Bruce Johnson sculpture located on the Roundabout at Market Street, is set to expire in June 2017.

Given these circumstances, the Commission revisited the original inspiration and theme for art in those roundabouts, “Art is Energizing the Community”. The call included the following vision for the theme:

”A submission should incorporate some sort of energy production from natural elements. This project will introduce the possibility that art can be positive for the mind as well as the environment and is building from the concept that technology can also be beautiful. It is the display of art through wind, solar, movement and other kinetic opportunities.“

The PAAC is committed to this theme and now has a better understanding of the challenges which come with temporary installations. The next steps will be to identify a budget needed to commission or purchase two sculptures which reflect the original vision the Commission had for the Roundabouts. This will likely exceed the funds allocated within the Town budget and the Commission will be seeking outside donors to sponsor this project. If you or your company is interested in more information, please contact Olivia Lemen, Management Analyst, Parks and Recreation Department, Town of Windsor, at 707-838-5383 or