Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Open Letter to the Community from the Windsor Police Chief

On Sunday night, October 23, 2016 an unknown person or persons vandalized the Cali Calmecac charter school in Windsor. The vandals spray painted offensive and disrespectful graffiti on various walls and other surfaces of the school. The content of the graffiti was an offensive and racist message that appears to have been directed at the large Latino population of that school. It is extremely upsetting that the children had to be subjected to such hatred and bigotry.
Some have asked whether or not this may have been “just a prank.” Whether this was a prank or not does not diminish its effect on the emotions of the children of that school or the people of this community. As the Chief of Police, I am also a long-time resident of the Town of Windsor and I can unequivocally say that this type of behavior and thinking is not indicative of this Town. This type of crime is unjustifiable and will not be accepted or tolerated in this community.
The Windsor Police Department will continue to investigate this crime and attempt to identify those responsible. We ask that anyone with information related to this crime please contact the Windsor Police Department at 707-838-1234.
Carlos Basurto
Windsor Police Chief